Peel, David / John Lennon
John Lennon For President

Peel, David / John Lennon

John Lennon For President
Sealed 1990 Czech Reissue Of The 1980 Album. “David Peel Returned To The Orbit Of John Lennon For This 1987 Memorial Album, Which Opens With His Reconception/Recomposition Of "Imagine" In A Heavy Electric/Punk Style And A Few Guitar And Backing Vocal Vamps That Even Emulate Yoko Ono's Style Of Singing. His Vocals Throughout This Album Are As Raw And Untrained As Ever -- That's Part Of His Appeal -- But The Accompaniment This Time Out Takes The Form Of A Nicely Full Electric Rock & Roll Band With A First-Rate Rhythm Section And Some Satisfyingly Hook-Laden Lead Guitar On Pieces Like "John Lennon Forever." The Songs Are Interspersed With Interview And Commentary Tracks, But Most Of What's Here Is Music, And Surprisingly Accomplished Music At That -- The Tone May Be A Little Overly Serious (Which Is Not Surprising Given The Subject Matter Of The Album), But Overall This Was Peel's Most Professional Sounding (Dare One Say Mainstream?) Album Since The 1970s.” – Bruce Eder, AMG

Track List

A1 The John Lennon For President Speech
A2 John Lennon For President - I
A3 The Yoko Ono Interview
A4 Amerika
B1 The Rock 'N' Roll Preamble / John Lennon For President Speech
B2 John Lennon For President - II
B3 Imagine
B4 The John & Yoko Interview
B5 John Lennon For President - I. (Acc.)
B6 Imagine - Whispered By Tiny Tim