Grateful Dead
Long Strange Trip
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Grateful Dead

Long Strange Trip
Sealed 2017 Silver Foil Numbered, Limited Edition 6 LP Box Set. The Long Strange Trip Motion Picture Soundtrack Spans The Band's Career And Captures Many Of Their Greatest Studio Recordings Alongside Several Of Their Most Dynamic Performances.

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Track List

A-1 Death Don't Have No Mercy 10:32
A-2 St. Stephen 6:42
A-3 Uncle John's Band 4:46
B-1 Dark Star 23:52
C-1 Easy Wind 5:01
C-2 Candyman 6:16
C-3 China Cat Sunflower 5:09
C-4 I Know You Rider 5:55
D-1 Morning Dew 11:43
E-1 He's Gone 8:53
E-2 The Music Never Stopped 5:33
F-1 Scarlet Begonias 9:54
F-2 Fire On The Mountain 15:09
G-1 Althea 8:33
G-2 Touch Of Grey 5:52
H-1 Dear Mr. Fantasy 7:07
H-2 Hey Jude 4:00
H-3 Ripple 4:10
H-4 Brokedown Palace 4:07
I-1 Playing In The Band 9:49
I-2 Dark Hollow 4:05
J-1 Eyes Of The World 18:36
K-1 St. Stephen 5:03
K-2 Not Fade Away 16:20
K-3 St. Stephen 1:54
L-1 Stella Blue 10:15
L-2 Days Between 13:56