Sealed, Limited Edition 2012 180gm 2LP Gatefold Original. "The Spiritually Inclined, Synth Music Producer/Composer Chris D'eon Returned With The Modestly Titled LP. That Title Is Pretty Much The Only Thing Humble About This Release, However: This Is A Lavish, Downright Baroque Affair Not Only In Its Length (At 73 Minutes, An Unambiguous Full-Length And Then Some) And Conceptual Underpinnings (The Album Is, According To Its Creator, An "Oratorio In Four Movements," Based Around A Prominent And Somewhat Moralistically Blunt Conceit Involving Internet Technology And The Archangel Gabriel), But In Purely Sonic Terms As Well. Streamlining And Elaborating On The Stylistic Palette Of His Previous Efforts, LP Offers An Astonishingly Cohesive Amalgam Of New Age Music, Video Game Sounds, Chintzy '80S-Inspired Digi-Pop, Juke And Jungle, The Left-Field R&B Of Frank Ocean And The Weeknd, Synth Minimalism À La Arp And Oneohtrix Point Never, And Actual Baroque Keyboard (As In Harpsichord) Music. It's A Dense, Sometimes Dizzying Soundworld That Can Feel Almost Absurdist In Its Utter Lushness And Array Of Juxtapositions, But It's Also Singularly, Breathtakingly Beautiful, And -- Unlike Similarly Referent-Saturated "Post-Internet" Sound-Cocktails Like Those Of Pictureplane Or D'eon's Hippos In Tanks Compatriots James Ferraro And Ford & Lopatin -- Uncommonly Sincere And Unironic In Its Pursuit Of Pure Sonic Beauty." K.Ross Hoffman, AMG.
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  • Artist: D'eon
  • Genre: Pop
  • Type: New - LP
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