Machine Violence
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Machine Violence
2020 Blood red vinyl. The band Realize has recently released their album "Machine Violence," which is a unique combination of industrial, punk, and metal genres. The album features ten tracks that are a mix of heavy electronic beats, distorted guitar riffs, and aggressive vocals. With Machine Violence, Realize has created a sound that is both innovative and intense, making it a must-listen for fans of heavy music.

The album opens with the track "Alone Against Flames" which sets the tone for the rest of the record with its pounding drums and ominous synths. Other standout tracks include "Melted Base," which features a catchy guitar riff that will have you head banging along, and "Slag Pile," which is a relentless onslaught of noise that will leave you feeling energized. Overall, Machine Violence is a powerful and impressive work of heavy music that showcases Realize's unique sound and talent.

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  • Artist: Realize
  • Genre: Heavy Metal, Rock
  • Type: Used - LP
  • Catalog ID: RR7469
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    Near Mint (NM or M-)
  • Country ID: US
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Track List

Side A
Side B
A1 Alone Against Flames
A2 Melted Base
A3 Ghost In The Void
A4 Long Stare
A5 Hypermech
B1 Disappear
B2 Simulated World Down
B3 Slag Pile
B4 Gateway Trial
B5 Heavy Legs In The Mansion