Kurt Weill / Vernon Duke
Nashville New York
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Kurt Weill / Vernon Duke

Nashville New York
Sealed 1980 Limited Edition Stereo Original. This Is Number 81 Of 1,000. A Live Recording Of The Original London Cast.

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Track List

A1 The Theatre Is A Lady
A2 The Trouble With Women
A3 Just Like A Man
A4 What Is Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo In Sanskrit?
A5 I'm Glad I'm Not A Man
A6 Four Prominent So And Sos
A7 Decline And Fall Of A Roman Umpire
A8 Musical Zoo
B1 A Drink With Something In It
B10 Round About
B11 Finale
B2 Madly In Love
B3 Columbus
B4 Medley: Fly Now And Pay Later / You're Far From Wonderful / Love Is Still In Town
B5 My Daddy
B6 Sweet Bye And Bye
B7 Born Too Late
B8 That's Him
B9 Suppose I Darken Your Door