Nazz / Todd Rundgren
Nazz III
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Nazz / Todd Rundgren

Nazz III
Sealed Early 80s All Analogue Reissue Pressed On Quiex Type Pure Virgin Vinyl. Small Cut Corner.

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Track List

A1 Some People 3:38
A2 Only One Winner 3:02
A3 Kicks 3:47
A4 Resolution 2:40
A5 It's Not That Easy 2:36
A6 Old Time Lovemaking 2:24
A7 Magic Me 3:04
B1 Loosen Up 1:24
B2 Take The Hand 2:15
B3 How Can You Call That Beautiful? 3:39
B4 Plenty Of Lovin' 3:43
B5 Christopher Columbus 3:20
B6 You Are My Window 6:00