Rhythm And Blues / Original Music


Rhythm And Blues / Original Music
1979 Original Out Of Fairfax, California. Michael (The Mole) Daniels, Bass; Timothy (Don't Call Me Timmy) Harning, Drums, Vocals, Banjo; Tony (Dr. Harp) Grubman, Mouth Harp, Guitar, Drums, Vocals. Guest Artists: David Murray, Trombone; Robert Merideth, Trumpet; John Ridela (Courtesy Of Living Proof Band), Robert Bloomberg, Keyboards. Cuts Are: "Song Number Two," "Hanging Around," "High Heal Sneakers," "Dancin In The Street," "Walkin Cane," "High Enough," "You Upset Me Babe," "Soul Survivor," "Cotton Fields" And "Work Song."
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  • Artist: Splash
  • Genre: Pop
  • Type: Used - LP
  • Label: Blowtorch
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  • Country ID: USA
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