Romeo And Juliet (The Complete Ballet, Op. 64)
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Romeo And Juliet (The Complete Ballet, Op. 64)
Sealed 2018 3LP Gatefold Reissue. The Complete Ballet With Andre Previn Conducting The London Symphony Orchestra. The Violent Feud Between The Montagues And Capulets Is Evoked By The Swaggering Dance Of The Knights, But Sergei Prokofiev's Score Brims With Bittersweet Lyricism In Its Depiction Of The Young Lovers, Proving Him Russian Ballet's Heir To Tchaikovsky. First Performed In 1938, Romeo And Juliet Has Become The Supreme Full-Length Ballet Of The 20th Century. Its Many Facets Are Captured In This Classic Recording.


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  • Artist: Prokofiev
  • Genre: Classical
  • Type: New Import
  • Catalog ID: 0190295618605
  • Condition:
    Mint (M)
    Mint (M)
  • Country ID: Europe
  • Our ID: 151863

Track List

Act I, Scene 1
Act I, Scene 2 (Part 2)
Act I, Scene 2 (Conclusion)
Act II, Scene 1
Act II, Scene 2
Act III, Scene 1
Act I, Scene 2
Act III, Scene 2
Act III, Scene 3 (Conclusion)
Act III, Scene 3 (Part 1)
A1 No. 1: Introduction
A10 No. 10: Juliet As A Child
A2 No. 2: Romeo
A3 No. 3: The Street Awakens
A4 No. 4: Morning Dance
A5 No. 5: The Quarrel
A6 No. 6: The Fight
A7 No. 7: The Prince Gives His Order
A8 No. 8: Interlude
A9 No. 9: Preparing For The Ball
B1 No. 11: Arrival Of The Guests (Minuet)
B2 No. 12: Masks
B3 No. 13: Dance Of The Knights
B4 No. 14: Juliet's Variation
B5 No. 15: Mercutio
B6 No. 16: Madrigal
B7 No. 17: Tybalt Recognises Romeo
B8 No. 18: Departure Of The Guests (Gavotte)
C1 No. 19: Scene At The Balcony
C2 No. 20: Romeo's Variation
C3 No. 21: Love DanceAct
C4 No. 22: Folk Dance
C5 No. 23: Romeo And Mercutio
C6 No. 24: Dance of The Five Pairs
C7 No. 25: Dance With Manolines
C8 No. 26: The Nurse
C9 No. 27: The Nurse Gives Romeo The Note From Juliet
D1 No. 28: Romeo At Friar Laurence's
D2 No. 29: Juliet At Friar Laurence's
D3 No. 30: The People Continue To Make Merry
D4 No. 31: A Folk Dance Again
D5 No. 32: Tybalt Meets Mercutio
D6 No. 33: Tybalt And Mercutio Fight
D7 No. 34: Mercution Dies
D8 No. 35: Romeo Decides To Avenge Mercutio's Death
D9 No. 36: Finale
E1 No. 37: Introduction
E10 No. 46: At Juliet's
E2 No. 38: Romeo And Juliet
E3 No. 39: The Last Farewell
E4 No. 40: The Nurse
E5 No. 41: Juliet Refuses To Marry Paris
E6 No. 42: Juliet Alone
E7 No. 43: Interlude
E8 No. 44: At Friar Laurence's
E9 No. 45: Interlude
F1 No. 47: Juliet Alone
F2 No. 48: Morning Serenade
F3 No. 49: Dance Of Girls With Lilies
F4 No. 50: at Juliet's Bedside
F5 No. 51: Juliet's Funeral
F6 No. 52: Death Of Juliet


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