Noyes Brothers
Sheep From Goats

Noyes Brothers

Sheep From Goats
Rare 1980 UK 2LP Garage-Punk-New Wave Original In A Plain White Jacket. Both LPs Appear Unplayed. If Jacket Included, $100.

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Track List

OBJ 009
OBJ 010
A1 Impending Doom
A2 Away We Go
A3 Repercussion
A4 Bo Scat Um I.D.
A5 Marlene
A6 Night Sky Vision
A7 Byte To Beat
B1 Why Did It Fade
B10 Some Times
B2 I Am You
B3 On The Outside
B4 Dream
B5 Archetypal Memory
B6 It Must Be Vibration
B7 Pointless
B8 The Mutant
B9 Ingmar The Dog
C1 Outnuendo
C2 Decision Time
C3 Pnumonia Bridge
C4 Resurrection In Chaos Minor
C5 Do End New Out
D It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time