Pink Swords
Shut Up And Take It

Pink Swords

Shut Up And Take It
Sealed 2005 Original Featuring Bonus Track Not On CD. “Any Band That's Gonna Name Itself The Pink Swords Is Likely To Be Pretty Short On Subtlety, And The Texas Five-Piece's Second Album, Shut Up & Take It!, Doesn't Go By Half Measures -- This Is Fast, Raw, And Raunchy Punk Rock That's Long On Guitar Firepower And Short On The Whole Emotional Sensitivity Thing. Then Again, With Titles Like "Drop Dead," "Crybaby," And "Tough Shit," You Probably Could Have Figured That Out On Your Own. If You're Looking For A Slab Of Post-Dwarves Smash-It-Up, Shut Up & Take It! Will Fill The Bill.” Mark Deming, All Music.
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  • Artist: Pink Swords
  • Genre: Punk
  • Type: New - LP
  • Label: Gearhead
  • Catalog ID: RPM 063
  • Country ID: USA
  • Our ID: 41885