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Songs Of Thrace (Part 1)
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Various Artists

Songs Of Thrace (Part 1)
1973 Laminated Cover Original. Includes Textured Accordion Fold Style Lyric Booklet Translated To English. Compiles Field Recordings Of Traditional Songs Recorded In Various Locations Of Thrace, Greece. Tracks Are Noted On The Album By The Village In Which They Were Recorded. Artists Have Not Been Noted As Band Names Do Not Exist. These Songs Are Played By Villagers Who Happened To Gather And Play Together When These Recordings Were Made.
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Track List

??at?????? T????? / Songs Of Eastern Thrace
???e??? T????? / Songs Of Northern Thrace
??t???? T????? / Songs Of Western Thrace
?1 ?e? ????a??este ????ts?a (s??t? ??µ??) / Don't Be Bitter, Girls
?1 ???a ?a??ß?a '???e (?a??st???) / Three Ships Sail
?2 ?? ??aµ??t? St?? ????da (?a?s??aµ??) / The Diamond In Greece
?2 ???p? ?a??ß?a ?' ?????ta? (?a??st???) / I See Ships Coming
?3 S?µe?a ???a? ????a?? (???a??d??? ??µ?? ?a??t??) / Today Is Sunday
?3 ?as?p??? (???a????) / Hasapikos
?4 ? ???sta?t???? ?????? (t?? p???ßas?a?) / Young Constantine
?4 ??t' ?µa? ???? ?a? ????ts???? (?a?aµat?a??) / When I Was Young
?5 ?a?s??? (µ?µ???? ????? ?a??t??) / Laisios
?5 ?a?t???t?? (????? ???a????) / Mantilatos
?6 ?a??? ?e??d??? (?a??st???) / Black Swallow
A7 ?pa??t??s?a (????? ???a????) / Baidouska
B6 ???a?ta ?????? ???st???????? / Christmas Day Carols
B7 ?e?µp?????? (????? ???a????) / Zeibekikos