The Cardas Sweep Record
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The Cardas Sweep Record
Sealed 1996 12" in white jacket with extra tracks. The Cardas Sweep Record is a must-have for audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. This album, created by Cardas Audio, is designed to test and calibrate the sound system, revealing its true potential. The Cardas Sweep Record is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to optimize their sound system, and it's also a great addition to any music collection. The sound quality and attention to detail in this album are truly impressive. "The Cardas Sweep Record is a curiously effective tool for improving the sound of your entire audio system. To use the sweep record: - Degaussed your cartridge. - Degaussed your entire system. - Ultrasonically cleaned your stylus and cantilever. Be sure to rotate your use of the sweep bands and clean the record occasionally. In addition to the sweep bands, you will find several blank spots suitable for setting tone arms, especially the anti-skate/level of linear tracking air bearing arms. For a special thrill, play the inside groove at 45 RPM while you fluxbust your cartridge.

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  • Artist: Cardas
  • Genre: Test - LP
  • Type: Audiophile - New
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Track List

A1 Blank Track
A2 System Degaussing Frequency Sweep
A3 System Degaussing Frequency Sweep
A4 Plateau For Tone Arm Adjustments
A5 Inverted Frequency Sweep
B1 Blank Track
B2 System Degaussing Frequency Sweep
B3 System Degaussing Frequency Sweep
B4 Plateau For Tone Arm Adjustments
B5 Inverted Frequency Sweep