Basie, Count
The Early Years
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Basie, Count

The Early Years
1982 3LP Mono Box Set Covering Classic Basie From 1930-1951.

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Track List

A1 Oh, Eddie!
A2 Milenberg Joys
A3 Shoe Shine Swing
A4 Roseland Shuffle
A5 Smarty (You Know It All)
A6 Mama Don't Want No Peas An' Rice An' Coconut Oil
B1 The Dirty Dozens
B2 The Fives
B3 Boogie Woogie
B4 Dupree Blues
B5 When The Sun Goes Down
B6 Red Wagon
C1 Live And Love Tonight
C2 Nobody Knows
C3 I Left My Baby
C4 Till Tom Special
C5 Blues (I Still Think Of Her)
C6 Somebody Stole My Gal
D1 Moten Swing
D2 I Want A Little Girl
D3 Gone With What Draft
D4 It's Square But It Rocks
D5 Beau Brummel
D6 Basie Boogie
E1 Fiesta In Blue
E2 Feather Merchant
E3 One O'Clock Jump
E4 Way Back Blues
E5 Queer Street
E6 Lazy Lady Blues
F1 Neal's Deal
F2 Song Of The Islands
F3 I'll Remember April
F4 Nails
F5 Little Pony
F6 Beaver Junction


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Basie, Count
Basie, Count
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