Michael Conway Baker
The Grey Fox
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Michael Conway Baker

The Grey Fox
Sealed 1983 Soundtrack. Audiophile Pressing By Apexton.

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Track List

A1 The Big Ride (#2)
A10 A Golf Waltz
A11 Sweet Betsy From Pike
A12 The Big Ride (#3)
A2 Main Title
A3 Oyster Bed Sequence
A4 Nickleodeon Sequence
A5 The Oregon Robbery
A6 Ride Through Colors
A7 Country Store Sequence
A8 Ride To Kamloops
A9 Ride To Kamloops
B1 The Grey Fox Theme
B2 Meeting Train At Ducks Siding
B3 Kate's Waltz
B4 Miner's Confessions To Kate
B5 The Chase
B6 The Chase
B7 End Titles
B8 The Big Ride (#1)