National Lampoon
The Missing White House Tapes
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National Lampoon

The Missing White House Tapes
Sealed 1974 Original With Tiny Cut Out Hole. This Satiric Commentary Of Watergate And Nixon-era Scandals Was Produced by Irving Kirsch And Vic Dinnerstein. Side One Of The Album Contains Additional Doctored Recordings Of Nixon's Speeches And Press Conferences. Side Two Contains Sketches Performed By John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Rhonda Coullet, And Tony Scheuten.

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  • Genre: Comedy
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Track List

A1 Checkers 1:07
A10 Admission Speech 1:56
A11 Wrap Up 0:10
A2 Calendar 0:54
A3 Oval Office 4:35
A4 President's Qualities 0:25
A5 The New VP 0:47
A6 Inspiration 1:24
A7 Energy Crisis 0:25
A8 Hearings 4:64
A9 Send Money 0:19
B1 Introduction And Impeachment Parade 1:37
B10 Tooth Commercial 1:02
B11 Mission: Impeachable 1:26
B12 News 0:16
B13 The FBI 1:25
B14 Impeachment, Swearing Out 1:23
B15 The Gerry Ford Show 0:47
B2 Pennsylvania Avenue 3:00
B3 News 0:21
B4 Plumber Commercial 1:15
B5 Impeachment Parade Continued 1:38
B6 The Contitution Game 3:12
B7 News 0:26
B8 Senate Hearings 3:07
B9 Impeachment Parade Continued 2:09