Fahey, John
The Transcendental Waterfall: Guitar Excursions 1963-1967
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Fahey, John

The Transcendental Waterfall: Guitar Excursions 1963-1967
Sealed 2012 180gm 6LP Numbered, Limited Edition, Box Set. Includes The Albums Blind Joe Death, Death Chants, Breakdowns And Military Waltzes, The Dance of Death and Other Plantation Favorites, The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party, The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death and Days Have Gone By And A T-Shirt, Poster & Postcard.

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  • Artist: Fahey, John
  • Genre: Folk
  • Type: Box Set
  • Catalog ID: 4m600
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  • Country ID: USA
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Track List

Blind Joe Death
Death Chants, Breakdowns, And Military Waltzes
Dance Of Death & Other Plantation Favorites
The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party And Other Excursions
The Transfiguration Of Blind Joe Death
Days Have Gone By
A1 On Doing An Evil Deed Blues 3:45
A2 St. Louis Blues 3:15
A3 Poor Boy Long Ways From Home 2:23
A4 Uncloudy Day 2:19
A5 John Henry 2:04
A6 In Christ There Is No East Or Wes 2:45
B1 The Transcendental Waterfall 6:34
B2 Desperate Man Blues 3:56
B3 Sun Gonna Shine In My Back Door Someday Blues 4:35
B4 Sligo River Blues 2:33
B5 I`m Gonna Do All I Can For My Lord 1:22
C1 Sunflower River Blues 2:33
C2 When The Springtime Comes Again 3:50
C3 Stomping Tonight On The Pennsylvania/Alabama Border 6:58
C4 Some Summer Day 3:20
C5 On The Beach At Waikiki 2:55
C6 Spanish Dance 1:53
D1 John Henry Variations 5:40
D2 The Downfall Of The Adelphi Rolling Grist Mill 3:35
D3 Take A Look At That Baby 1:25
D4 Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Philip XIV Of Spain 2:28
D5 America 7:52
D6 Episcopal Hymn 1:10
E1 Wine And Roses 3:29
E2 How Long 2:56
E3 On The Banks Of The Owchita 3:48
E4 Worried Blues 2:24
E5 What The Sun Said 10:12
F10 Give Me Corn Bread When I'm Hungry 3:12
F11 Dance Of Death 7:40
F6 Revelation On The Banks Of The Pawtuxent 2:31
F7 Poor Boy 3:20
F8 Variations On The Coocoo 4:00
F9 The Last Steam Engine Train 2:14
G1 The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party 19:00
G2 Knott's Berry Farm Molly 4:30
H1 Will The Circle Be Unbroken 5:40
H2 Guitar Excursions Into The Unknown 3:30
H3 900 Miles 4:00
H4 Sail Away Ladies 6:00
H5 Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel 1:55
I1 Beautiful Linda Getchell 1:50
I2 Orinda-Moraga 3:55
I3 I Am The Resurrection 2:53
I4 On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean 3:13
I5 Tell Her To Come Back Home 2:40
I6 My Station Will Be Changed After While 2:02
I7 101 Is A Hard Road To Travel 2:17
J1 How Green Was My Valley 2:15
J2 Bicycle Built For Two 1:10
J3 The Death Of The Clayton Peacock 2:52
J4 Brenda's Blues 1:45
J5 Old Southern Medley 6:08
J6 Come Back Baby 2:20
J7 Poor Boy 2:25
J8 Saint Patrick's Hymn 0:55
K1 The Revolt Of The Dyke Brigade 2:38
K2 Impressions Of Susan 5:05
K3 Joe Kirby Blues 3:08
K4 Night Train To Valhalla 2:14
K5 The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith California 4:23
K6 A Raga Called Pat - Part One 6:22
L1 A Raga Called Pat - Part Two 8:06
L2 My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs 8:48
L3 My Grandfather's Clock 1:27
L4 Days Have Gone By 2:51
L5 We Would Be Building 1:57