Lone Justice
The Western Tapes, 1983
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Lone Justice

The Western Tapes, 1983
Sealed 2018 Black Friday RSD Limited Edition Release. The 6 Song EP Which Includes Liner Notes. The album consists of recordings made in 1983 at a studio in Hollywood, California, before the band signed with Geffen Records and released their debut album in 1985.

The band, which was led by singer/songwriter Maria McKee and guitarist Ryan Hedgecock, was formed in Los Angeles in 1982. They quickly gained a following on the local club circuit and were signed to Geffen Records after a showcase performance.

However, before recording their debut album, the band was given the opportunity to record some demos at a studio in Hollywood. The recordings were made with the original lineup of the band, which included bassist Marvin Etzioni and drummer Don Willens.

The songs on "The Western Tapes, 1983" showcase the band's unique blend of country, rock, and punk influences, and feature McKee's powerful vocals and Hedgecock's intricate guitar work. The album includes early versions of several songs that would later appear on their debut album, including "Ways to Be Wicked" and "Don't Toss Us Away."

Although the album was not officially released until 2014, the recordings have been circulated among fans for years and have become a cult favorite among Lone Justice fans. The album serves as a testament to the band's early sound and the raw energy that made them stand out in the crowded Los Angeles music scene of the early 1980s.

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Track List

A1 Working Late 2:44
A2 Don't Toss Us Away 4:29
A3 I See It 2:21
B1 The Train 2:54
B2 Drugstore Cowboy 2:54
B3 How Lonesome Life Has Been 2:06