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Sealed 1983 CRC Housed In A Gatefold Cover. No Deletion Cuts. U2's fourth studio album, War, was released in 1983 and is considered one of their most politically charged and socially conscious records. The album's title reflects its themes of conflict, both domestic and international, and the band's desire to use their platform to address issues of injustice and inequality. From the opening track "Sunday Bloody Sunday," which addresses the Troubles in Northern Ireland, to the powerful anti-war anthem "New Year's Day," War is a gripping and emotional tour de force.

The album also showcases U2's signature sound, with Bono's soaring vocals and The Edge's distinctive guitar riffs creating a powerful and anthemic sound. It was an 80's ear mark and critical success, reaching number one in the UK and top 20 in the US, and has since been hailed as a classic album in the canon of rock music. For fans of U2, War is a must-listen record that showcases the band's political and musical prowess.

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  • Artist: U2
  • Genre: Rock
  • Type: New - LP
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Track List

A1 Sunday Bloody Sunday 4:38
A2 Seconds 3:24
A3 New Year's Day 5:38
A4 Like A Song... 4:48
A5 Drowning Man 4:12
B1 The Refugee 3:40
B2 Two Hearts Beat As One 4:10
B3 Red Light 4:09
B4 Surrender 5:33
B5 "40" 2:38