White, Jack
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White, Jack

Sealed 2014 180gm Original "Ultra" LP. Working With His Third Man Records Label, And United Record Pressing, Both In Nashville, The Ultra LP Features A "First Of Its Kind" Hand-Etched Floating Hologram Of An Angel. Next, There Are Two Vinyl-Only Hidden Tracks Tucked Underneath The Labels On Each Side. What's More, One Of Those Tracks Plays At 78 RPM And The Other At 45 RPM, Making This 180-Gram Vinyl Release A Three-Speed Record. Side A Also Plays From The Inside Out, And Both Sides Have A Locked Groove That Repeats A Continuous Loop Of Music. Dual-Groove Tech Plays Either An Electric Or Acoustic Intro For The Song "Just One Drink" Based On Where The Needle Is Dropped, But Both Meet Up Once The Song Gets Going.

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Track List

A1 Three Women 3:56
A2 Lazaretto 3:40
A3 Temporary Ground 3:13
A4 Would You Fight For My Love? 4:10
A5 High Ball Stepper 3:45
A6 Untitled
A7 Untitled 0:56
B2 Alone In My Home 3:30
B3 That Black Bat Licorice 3:52
B4 Entitlement 4:06
B5 I Think I Found The Culprit 3:51
B6 Want And Able 2:34
B7 Untitled
B8 Untitled 0:44
BA1 Just One Drink 2:40
BB1 Just One Drink 2:37

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