The Rise And Fall Of Paramount Records 1917-1927, Volume 1
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The Rise And Fall Of Paramount Records 1917-1927, Volume 1
Sealed, Out Of Print 2013 22 Pound Handcrafted Quarter-Sawn Oak Cabinet With Lush Sage Velvet Upholstery And Custom-Forged Metal Hardware. Includes: Six 180gm LPs Pressed On Burled Chestnut Colored Vinyl W/ Hand-Engraved, Blind-Embossed Gold-Leaf Labels, Housed In A Laser-Etched White Birch LP Folio; A 250 Page Deluxe Large-Format Clothbound Hardcover Art Book; A 360 Page Encyclopedia-Style Softcover Field Guide Containing Artist Portraits And Full Paramount Discography; And A Custom Designed USB Drive With 800 Newly-Remastered Digital Tracks, Representing 172 Artists Plus 200+ Fully-Restored Original 1920s Ads And Images. These Sets Are Still Sealed In The Original Shipping Box. Images Are Stock Images. Check Out Robert Baird's Excellent Four Page Review In The January 2014 Stereophile.

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  • Artist: Various
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Type: New - LP
  • Catalog ID: TMR 203
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    Mint (M)
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  • Country ID: US
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Track List

1 19th Street Blues 2:54
10 Aint A Shame 2:59
2 216 Blues 2:42
3 A Little Bit Closer 2:29
4 Abounding Sin And Abounding Grace 2:41
5 Ada Jane's Blues 3:06
6 Adams Apple 2:52
7 African Blues 2:52
8 Aggravatin' Papa 3:11
9 Ain't Goin' Marry 2:58
A1 Sign Of Judgement 2:42
A2 Dry Bone Shuffle 2:47
A3 My Man Rocks Me 3:03
A4 Sweet Georgia Brown 2:31
A5 St. Louis Blues 3:03
A6 Pistol Blues 3:02
A7 Old Joe Clark 2:53
B1 Coffee Pot Blues 2:19
B2 Old Steady Roll 2:53
B3 Wait 'Till I Put On My Robe 2:45
B4 Messin' Around 2:56
B5 Madison Street Rag 3:02
B6 Mama's Can't Lose 2:45
B7 Barnum's Steam Calliope 2:52
C1 Skoodlum Blues
C2 Jelly Roll's First Cousin
C3 Come On Home
C4 Drunk Man's Blues
C5 Rainy Nights
C6 How Long Daddy, How Long
C7 Mr. Jelly Lord
D1 Anna Mina Forty And St. Louis Shorty 2:45
D2 Coffin Blues 3:17
D3 Pump Tillie 2:41
D4 You Shall 2:51
D5 Well Of Salvation 3:31
D6 Goose Grease 3:16
D7 Brown Baby 3:01
E1 Dying Blues 2:49
E2 Charleston Mad 2:49
E3 Certainly Lord 2:31
E4 216 Blues 2:46
E5 Chicago Buzz 2:45
E6 Mamlish Blues 2:37
E7 I'm Glad I'm Married 2:55
E8 Steady Roll 2:40
F1 Nelson Blues
F2 Track Linin'
F3 Bessemer Bound Blues
F4 Everybody Help The Blues Come Home
F5 Crazy Quilt
F6 Shaggy Dog Blues
F7 My Man Rocks Me With One Steady Roll
F8 Jazzbo Jenkins
G1 Sleep Baby Sleep
G2 Salty Dog
G3 Memory Of Departed Friends 2:54
G4 House Rent Stomp
G5 West Indies Blues
G6 Nobody Knows
G7 Steppin' On The Blues 2:28
G8 Walk Right In Belmont
H1 When I Was A Moaner
H2 Steady Roll
H3 Satan At Church
H4 Pacific Coast Blues
H5 Look Out Papa Don't Tear Your Pants
H6 Baby Can't You Understand
H7 Seek And Ye Shall Find
I1 Will My Mother Know Me There
I2 Hot Hot Hottentot
I3 Ain't It A Shame
I4 The Wicked Fives' Blues
I5 Armour Ave. Struggle 2:42
I6 Houston Bound
I7 Coo Coo Stomp
J1 You Can't Keep No Brown
J2 Stomp Time Blues
J3 I've Got A Hiding Place
J4 Cacklin' Hen
J5 Fade Away Blues
J6 Mama's Angel Child
J7 Black Man Blues
K1 Hen House Blues
K2 Mojo Strut
K3 Sympathetic Christ
K4 That Da Da Strain
K5 Wartime Blues
K6 There'll Come A Day
K7 Oh Calvary
L1 St. Louis Blues
L2 On This Rock I Will Build My Church 2:54
L3 Don't Pan Me
L4 Play That Thing
L5 I Want Jesus To Talk With Me
L6 Peepin' Blues 3:08
L7 Cecilia


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